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Boxwalla | Shop | Well-Being Box : Herb Magic in the Moonlight | Sold out. This Limited Edition Box features two full sized products from the wonderful Portland-based brand Live Botanical (Total Retail Value: $52).

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One Time Boxes | Herbal Potions
Well-Being Box : Herb Magic in the Moonlight
Description x

Sold out. 


This Limited Edition Box features two full sized products from the wonderful Portland-based brand Live Botanical (Total Retail Value: $52).


Live Botanical was created by Carolyn McRory a trained herbalist, who started formally studying Herbalism in 1998. She also has a background in Information Systems & Environmental Literature which adds an interesting facet to her background. In this box, themed ‘Herb Magic in the Moonlight’, we have chosen two products that simply blew us away & that showcase Carolyn’s deep knowledge of herbs & plant magic. Many of the herbs used in the potions below are grown in Carolyn’s own garden or locally sourced.



What's in the Box?


1) Moon Cycle Balm ($32): This beautiful balm is created with a blend of soothing herbs that alleviate discomfort during menstruation, while also reducing muscle & joint pain. While it was originally designed for PMS cramping & as a mood elevator, it has myriad uses & can be applied on bruises, scarring, also relieving the tightnes in the neck & shoulders & more. 


This balm is made in a base of Pumpkin seed oil along with raw Oregon Beeswax sourced from local bee keepers. Arnica helps to increase circulation in the inflamed area which increases the body’s natural ability to reduce inflammation, thereby reducing pain. Goldenrod, an inflammation moderator, extends the action of arnica, while Clary Sage soothes cramps & imbalances related to menstruation & menopause. CO2 extracts of Myrrh, Frankincense & Immortelle essential oil provide additional antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory comfort. 


2) Tender Moon Fruit Tisane ($20) : This exquisite tea is not only a panacea for frazzled nerves, it also tastes incredibly delicious. This tart & sweet blend has been exclusively formulated for this box by Carolyn ‘to uplift the spirit & provide comfort during the ebbs & flows of life’. It contains dried blueberries & cranberries from a small third-generation farm in Southern Oregon & local Hood River grown apples. There’s also regionally sourced Lemon Balm, Rose & Hibiscus. Biodynamic, locally grown Raspberry & Motherwort help with PMS & work as a general health tonic. The raspberry adds an addicting salty/mineral balance to the tart sweetness. All the herbs & fruits are sourced from a combination of regional organic farms & from Carolyn’s own microgarden.



Cost : $29, Retail Value: $52



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To know more about the ingredients we avoid in beauty products, check out our FAQ Page. 

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Live Botanical Fruit Tisane and Balm