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BOXWALLA | BOXWALLA | A sensory and cultural discovery platform. Exploring the art of slowness in Green Beauty, Literature, Film, Food, Music, Ethical Fashion.

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Welcome to Boxwalla

Boxwalla is an exploration of our world through things and the stories these things tell us. Experience Retail as Art.

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Beauty Box

A Beauty Box for the luxury loving skincare nerd, this box lets you experience the most effective and nutrient-rich beauty products we have experienced, exquisite products that harness the potency of plant-based ingredients. Always cruelty-free.


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Book Box

The book box focuses on great writers from all over the world : both from the past and the present. All of them are must-read but not as widely read as they deserve to be: both both potential Nobel Laureates as well as classics hiding in the past. 




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Film Box

"Art Cinema is Boring". The Film Box challenges this notion by demystifying the work of the best filmmakers, by creating a context within which to view them.

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